WHAT’S NEW: World Leaders + Global Executives Join APEC CEO Summit Program

The APEC CEO Summit 2023 will feature 30+ high-level speakers including world leaders, chief executives of global businesses and thought leaders to discuss the challenges and opportunities the world faces today, prioritizing creating economic opportunity for the people of the Asia-Pacific region.

Expected and newly confirmed speakers include: 

Invited APEC Economy Leaders: 

Confirmed Speakers:

Explore the detailed APEC CEO Summit 2023 program here and follow along for more speaker and program updates. 

The APEC CEO Summit 2023 is an invite only event. Request your official invitation by November 3, 2023!

A FOCUS ON INNOVATION: Fostering an APEC Innovation Ecosystem

San Francisco is one of the region’s top innovation hubs, making it the ideal host city for the APEC CEO Summit 2023 and discussions about the crucial role of innovation in creating economic opportunity. 

The digital economy opens doors for businesses of all sizes to reach consumers around the world. At the APEC CEO Summit 2023, participants will explore how digital innovation can help address sustainability and inclusion challenges. Key topics will include:

  • Nurturing ecosystems for creative progress
  • The digital economy 
  • Innovation as a catalyst for resilience
  • The future of artificial intelligence
  • Entrepreneurship

The Summit will feature leading business voices who are driving innovation in their respective sectors. Here’s a snapshot of perspectives from business leaders participating in this year’s Summit:

New technology has the potential to help and harm. The public and private sectors need to collaborate and make sure it’s used to benefit people first. APEC is a great forum to discuss how we can do that and take action together. – Michael Miebach, CEO, Mastercard 


Collaborating together and adopting digital solutions across an ecosystem of governments, businesses, healthcare providers and regulatory agencies are key to creating efficient, sustainable healthcare systems that reward innovation to tackle  today’s toughest health challenges. – Kathryn Wengel, Executive Vice President + Chief Technical Operations & Risk Officer, Johnson & Johnson

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Forward from the Flames (Foreign Affairs)

Suzanne Puanani Vares-Lum, President, East-West Center, discusses how APEC can help continue to build more resilient communities across the Asia-Pacific, drawing on her reflections from the Lāhainā fires on Maui.


Making Public-Private Partnerships Work in APEC (Foreign Affairs)

U.S. Ambassador Demetrios Marantis shares how Detroit’s public and private sector collaboration can serve as a blueprint for the Asia-Pacific going forward. 


SF Chinatown’s Leaders Expect Tourism Boost During APEC Summit Despite Tight Security (ABC 7, San Francisco)

San Francisco civic leaders discussed how the upcoming APEC Summit is expected to drive tourism in San Francisco. 


Thailand aims to Boost Innovation, Foster 10,000 New Startups (Nikkei Asia)

Thailand is working to cultivate 10,000 startup companies between now and 2027 with the hope of fostering greater corporate innovation. 


Meet Some of the Gen Z Entrepreneurs Behind the Next AI Innovation Wave (DigiDay) 

San Francisco’s young entrepreneurs are designing and creating compelling AI startups.


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